PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers Council) Accredited: T1704006 and SAPS (South African Police Services) Accredited: 4001016

This training is for individuals or companies that wish to have basic to advanced level firearm training or those who require a Competency Certificate in terms of relevant legislation.

  • Knowledge of Firearms Control Act
  • Handgun
  • Manually Operated Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Self-Loading Rifle
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Levels
  • Regulation 21
  • Range Officer
  • Firearm Instructor


This training aims to empower a driver with skills and techniques that will enable them to remain alert in order to keep their vehicle in a safe position on the road at all times. The driver training interventions are not accredited with any regulatory body. Topics demonstrated are: Awareness; collision avoidance; skid control; vehicle inspection; practical driving applications; Basic Gymkhana and a theory examination on all the topics.

  • Hi-Jack Avoidance & Survival
  • Streetwise Driving (Including Hi-Jack Avoidance & Survival)
  • Defensive Driving
  • Offensive Driving


To empower candidates with practical skills and awareness applications when confronted with a home invasion, a vehicle related violent scenario and the utilization of non lethal weaponry options. The private citizen / individual training interventions are not accredited with any regulatory body. Candidates will participate in force on force applications and live fire applications.

  • Home Invasion
  • Vehicle Defence
  • Non-Lethal Weaponry


This training will provide recognition for those who conduct or intend to conduct targeted training and development using given methodologies, including group training, group facilitation and presentations. Formal recognition will enhance their employ ability and also provide a means to identify competent trainers.

  • Conduct Target Training – Facilitator Skills (PFTC Accredited)
  • Delivery of Conflict Management Training (International Accredited)
  • Firearm Instructor (PFTC Accredited)


This service is available to the individuals within the film industry. This service is aimed in providing technical advice to ensure that an accurate portrayal is obtained with regards to Military and Firearm applications within a Film Industry Production.
TACSIM personnel have been involved in the Film Industry as Technical Advisers since 2007 and have been able to assist local Directors and Producers in gaining various international awards.
Have a look at DS FIlms to see some of the work TACSIM has assisted with:
At Thy Call
Last Broken Darkness


This service is available to the individuals within the applicable training sectors. The personnel of TACSIM are able to provide external Moderation of Learner Portfolios to other service providers that require moderation. This is a Regulatory Body mandate that requires to be conducted on a quarterly basis. A list of applicable unit standards / qualifications / subjects is available on request.